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FAHRWairK Luftfahrwerkskit - Golf 7 AU

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2.999,00 €
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Streetec FAHRWairK – damper by KW – 100% made in Germany

The FAHRWairK is developed by labor-intensive testing. Started with a benchmark of different air-springs and adjusted on the KW 7-post driving dynamics test rig the suspension got his fine-tuning on road-testing.

This ended up in a save driving performance and a constant ride comfort at all driving-heights.


Available in 2 different versions:

V1 – perfectly matched to the best compromise between road comfort and driving pleasure

V2 - Rebound adjustable damper technology with 16 precise clicks for an individual adjustment to your personal preference



  • KW stainless-steel shocks for the front axle, available in version V1 or V2
  • Contitech air-bags for the front axle
  • Unibal top-mounts for the front axle
  • KW shocks for the the rear-axle, available in version V1 or V2
  • Contitech air-bags for the rear axle
  • Leader hoses for front axle
  • Fittings for airtube connection


If this damper set is installed in a vehicle with electric damper adjustment, a cancellation kit is necessary.

You can find these here: KW cancellation kits


f you don´t know the difference between torsion-beam and multi-link rear axle, click here: explanation rear axle Golf 7 platform

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Gewicht [kg] 30.00
Marke KW FAHRWairK
Delivery time 5 - 7 Days
Fahrzeugmarke Volkswagen
Fahrzeugmodell Golf VII
certificate Yes