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Striplot Sturzdomlager -2° -15mm Audi A3 8P

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1 Satz Rennsport Sturz- & Tieferlegungs-Domlager

Not enough space on the wheel arch? You are still missing the last 15mm of draft?
Then put on this Striplot racing camber & lowering top mount.
These top mounts have the same receptacle as the standard top mounts, the thrust bearing can be adopted.
Only suitable for chassis with serial warehouse connection. Fits with the takeover of the thrust bearing from the serial top mount also at TA-Technix Airride.

What can these top mounts do?
about 2 ° camber
Material body: T6 aluminum
Uniball top mounts in industrial quality
Surface: black structure
Inclusion of the serial axial bearing

Fits in the following models:

  • Audi A3 8P
  • Audi S3 8P

These top mounts are without expert opinion.

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Gewicht [kg] 4.00
Delivery time 2-3 Days