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Tieferlegungsdomlager VW Golf 4 / Polo 6R / Seat Leon 1M & baugleich

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Mit diesen Domlagern kommst du noch mal bis zu 2cm tiefer gegenüber den Seriendomlagern!

With these topmounts you come again up to 2cm lower than the serial topmounts! (exact lowering is engine / weight-dependent)

This set fits 'Plug & Play' on the following vehicles:

VW Golf 4

VW Polo 6R

VW New Beetle 1C

Audi A3 8L

Audi S3 8L

Audi TT 8N

Seat Leon 1M

Skoda Oktavia 1U

The set consists of the shallower bearings, flatter upper plates with intermediate rings (mandatory!), New upper nuts and new thrust top mounts. Of course we deliver the set including pre-assembly instructions. Means: Everything that should or should be changed is already included in the kit !!! We use for this set exclusively high quality top mounts of the brands Febi-Bilstein or Meyle (depending on availability / stock). It is not the much-offered way too soft smart- topmounts!

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Delivery time 2-3 Days